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About us

Sitec Quality Group

Sitec Quality Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company operating internationally as one group, being locally sensitive and globally aware, sharingour expertise with innovative technical solutions to our clients for their Projectsin the Oil & Gas, Energy, Marine, Petrochemical, Power industries,
Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry and Railways all around theGlobe.

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Our Company History

July 5
Amazon is born
Amazon is born
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February 2
Amazon Prime debuts
Amazon Prime debuts
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January 31
Amazon acquires Audible
Amazon acquires Audible
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About Sitec

Our Company History​

Since the start, we have been partners with all our clients. Our clients rely onus to ensure quality and safety of their products and projects. We invest heavilyin our people as our assets. They bring to us years of experience of the industryand constantly strive to provide valuable services to ensure the trust and faithof our clients.

Backed by expert teams, quality systems and standards, we assure reliable, cost effective and professional quality services providers in Third partyinspection services, Expediting services & NDT services.

Our Vision:
To ensure the highest quality of services without compromising delivery, health and safety.

Our philosophy

Society With Sustainable & Reliable Energy Systems

Our philosophy centers around excellence and precision.
We provide third-party inspection services to ensure the quality of equipment in the oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, and mining industries.

Our focus is on promptly meeting customer quality control needs by delivering expert inspectors and cost-effective, comprehensive services to help clients achieve their quality objectives professionally.


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Izek Reuthe

Field Officer

Alina Mareha

Assitant Manager

Zack Clark

Marketing Manager

Kene Castellon

Team Director