It is an essential part of any order and plays a vital role in the smooth running and successful completion of any projects within the scheduled time frame.
Expedition helps to ensure that the vendor delivers the order to the client on time through timely follow ups on the order to avoid any surprised delays, analyze any complications and take swift recovery actions; on this field our expeditors will be very finicky to get all detail and be sure of all correct information.


Expedition is carried out in different levels:

a) Field Expediting
b) Desk / Telephone Expediting
c) Full time Monitoring / Project Coverage

Role of Expediter:

  • Follow up with vendor on orders and issue periodic reports to client ( Daily, weekly and monthly).
  • Identify / resolve the schedule problems at all levels from the beginning till the delivery.
  • Proposing the Recovery plans in all part ( Feasible, true, Really and studied in all detail)
  • Evaluate weekly/monthly progress and assist the vendor/sub-vendors to meet requireddelivery dates.
  • Monitoring vendors supply chain for the specific projectThe above will be communicated to Client through a report and will contain the below information as minimum.

Progress of Main Activities:

  • Engineering / Drawing status & issues
  • Critical Documents Status
  • Suborders/ Critical Suborders Status
  • Material Availability
  • Purchase Order Delivery Date
  • Production Fabrication status & issues
  • Delivery status & issues
  • Final Insp. & Packing

a) Field Expediting

Field Expediting is performed to ensure or evaluate the authenticity of the information from desk expediting. Here the expeditor physically will visiting the vendor and discuss all issues, status & progress based on the field expediting and verify/ensure the information provided is correct. Any anomalies observed will be discussed and take recovery plans to overcome the situations. The details will be reported at the completion of each visit and even provide a close out call, to client prior to leaving the works.

Field Expediting can be of 2 types – Periodic and Full time.
Full time expediting at vendor location will come onto role after analyzing the criticality of the project situation, especially to deploy the recovery plans, to keep the project on track or to avoid further delays. The necessity of full time expedition will be in agreement with client based on the results from Desk & Periodic Expedition reports.

b) Desk / Telephone Expediting

Desk / telephone expediting provides a valuable tool for monitoring the progress of orders with a manufacturer. Contact is established at specific milestones in the order fabrication process and a brief summary of the current status obtained during the ensuing conversation. An experienced expediter can very quickly assess whether the order is progressing according to plan or whether other measures are required to verify and possibly improve the order progress. Desk / telephone expediting is best used as a tool to supplement field expediting. It is also a useful way of making the vendor aware that delays on the order will not be accepted by their client.

c) Full time Monitoring / Project Coverage

Full time monitoring / project coverage activities provide clients with continuous in depth progress information and immediate action by the expediter as soon as problems become apparent. This ensures that schedules are maintained in line with the specific project needs. For full time expediting needs, whether for an individual order or for a specific project, a dedicated expediter will be provided to liaise directly with the client ensuring the most direct lines of communication. This ensures that the client Interfaces directly with the assigned expediter and information exchange is as efficient as


Reporting of Expediting activities

SITEC and all personnel employed by SITED are dedicated to providing the best possible service to their clients. A crucial element of this is obviously reporting, this must be as precise as possible to enable our clients to fully understand what is happening to their order. All available tools / methods are utilized to relay this information to clients as clearly as possible.

Digital imagery is used where allowed to enhance the report content.
Reports can be prepared on our own report forms or on report formats provide by clients, all latest soft and hardware is available to ensure that all formats can be processed.